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What is the difference between tempered glass and screen protector film?

The biggest difference between tempered glass and screen protector film is the difference in fabric, and the liquid crystal protection film can completely cover the fatal flaws of tempered glass, such as cracking, reduced touch, and curved surfaces.

After attaching, there are marks and bubbles

This product was developed to minimize cut marks. Residual bubbles and adhesion marks generated during the attachment process will disappear naturally over time. Do not push strongly with a fingernail or a Push Bar, as this may damage the fabric, so please wait for 1 to 2 days.

There is a lift when the case is inserted.

The easyposition mobile phone screen protector is manufactured based on the original size. Please understand that not all cases on the market are compatible. If it is too different, you can use it after cutting it as much as you need.

When I took off the front protective film, the main film was also peeled off.

When removing the front protective film, remove it as slowly as possible, and even if the main film comes up, gently push it with a Push Bar to reattach it.

Installation failed. Can I exchange/refund?

The film consists of 3 sheets in case attachment fails. Please understand that it is difficult to exchange or refund due to unfamiliarity with the installation method.